Simple Sensible Safety
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Welcome to Simple Sensible Safety

This site aims to provide help to anyone dealing with health and safety, whether as part of their job, study or any other reason. It is currently split into two main sections:

  • Reference - provides a wealth of information about health and safety, but in a simple and sensible way. If you need more information there are many links to other free resources. This section will be of particular use to anyone studying for the NEBOSH General Certificate..
  • Serious Silly Safety - unfortunately, not everyone see health and safety as being simple or sensible. This section highlights some of the negative reporting and aims to determine whether seriously silly decisions have been made.

This website has been developed, and is maintained on a purely voluntary basis. You can contribute towards the running costs by buying the book that goes with the site -  click on 'support this site.' Also, do let us know if you have any information, links or comments that will help improve the site.