No open top bus for Wolves

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers football club have abandoned plans for an open-top bus parade to mark their Championship title win because of health and safety fears.

The concerns

It is not entirely clear what the concerns were, but it is assumed to be related to public safety. In other words the crowds that may have turned out to see the team’s bus.

Reporting the story

The story was reported on the club’s website on which it said “Following lengthy discussions with the club’s Safety Advisory Group – which includes representatives from Wolverhampton City Council, West Midlands Police and the other emergency services – it has been decided that there are too many health and safety issues to overcome in order to have a safe parade through the City within the short time span available.” Also, “Unfortunately, today’s society has an increasingly litigious bias and given all the information that was presented to us, we couldn’t, hand on heart, take full responsibility as is required by legislation – ultimately we were not prepared to put fans at risk.”The story was also reported on the BBC website , although no further details were provided.

Is this Seriously Silly?

It is certainly a shame that a celebration like this could not go ahead. We know parades on open top buses happen fairly frequently, and there is no suggestion in the press articles that accidents have occurred in the past. Without more information about the specific concerns it is difficult to say whether this was a sensible or silly decision.

Should the parade have gone ahead?

Again, without all the details it is difficult to say. The fact that other clubs have parades suggest that yes, Wolves should have had one. This begs the question of whether there were ulterior motives for stopping it. Who paid for crowd control may well have been an issue. Also, it is possible the club were hoping for a more lucrative celebration.