Health & Safety 2017


This book covers all the key elements of health and safety as it stands as a discipline at the beginning of 2017.  It provides a quick reference, focussing on hazards in the workplace and practical controls of risk.  The aim has been to present the health and safety processes so that, if these are understood, appropriate solutions to a very large range of health and safety issues can be developed.

Reference is made throughout this book to UK legislation.  However, a conscious effort has been made to not let this drive the contents because the author feels that understanding the hazards and processes is a much better way of making sure risks are controlled.  Clearly legal compliance is important, but it is important to remember that legislation is developed because an issue exists.  Therefore, if you have dealt with the issue appropriately you will normally have done more than enough to comply with legislation and your solution is likely to be more appropriate to your business than if you had only done what the legislation requires.

This update is coming out at an interesting time for health and safety in the UK.  After several years of relatively little change, the perception that health and safety is a burden on industry and society as a whole, combined with challenging economic climate has resulted in efforts to ‘simplify’ legislation and the way it is implemented.


Throughout this book reference has been made to many different documents, most of which are available free from the UK Health and Safety Executive’s website at  It is hoped that this will mean that you the reader, with access to the internet, can drill down to more detail where you needed it.

National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)

This book has been arranged, to a large extent, around the syllabus of the NEBOSH National General Certificate (NGC).  This is because the syllabus appears to provide a very comprehensive overview of all the key issues of health and safety.  Also, by doing this it is hoped that the book will be a useful aid to people studying for the certificate, acting as a supplement to training material from course providers or to assist in self-study.

The NGC has long been recognised as the essential introduction to the fundamentals of occupational health and safety and is the most popular qualification of its kind.  Since its launch in 1989 over 100,000 people have achieved the award in the UK and abroad, including Australasia, the Middle East and the West Indies.

About the Author

Andy Brazier is a risk consultant, specialising in health and safety, human factors and ergonomics.  He has a wide experience of working with industry, especially in the major hazard sectors (most notable oil, gas, power and chemicals).  He has a reputation for being able to assess complex situations to develop simple and sensible solutions.

You can find out more about his background and experience at

He would love to hear if you have any comments or questions about this book, or if he can help you with any of risk and safety issues.  He can be contacted at


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